Stillpoint Staff Series: Three poems by Olivia Black

*Poems about making promises and about future plans Рwhen our future seems bleak and uncertain.


MY Grandma’s Parkinsons Made Her Sassy and I like her this way (is that OK for me to say?)

I promise to clean up my room before you visit next time to exercise the ghost that has been living in my closet.

We’ll go out to dinner and talk about our plans to play sudoku at the SAME TIME (no cheating)

You’ll tell me to read that book about the dog that dies and we’ll both swear to never talk about it again when I say “I don’t Like to Read Dead Dog Stories”

Of Course! Your nails will be painted mauve because they always are (and I will paint my nails blue)

And when dinner is over we’ll shake a hug ¬†And make plans for next time

(I hope our hands meet before you have to park your car for good) and (I hope you forgive me for not visiting enough

even though I always promise to try to come see you more)


peeking under my pillow to find all my teeth in a row!

there is a coral reef in my bed

I think it is because the moon is in Aires

My rising sign in Libra and Your rising sign is scorpio and I have never liked a scorpio but today my belly is full (I promise I haven’t been eating gluten OR dairy)–and I have been taking ALL my rings off before going to bed–so I think that means that I won’t think about our chart compatibility too much (or maybe not at all)

I don’t like to brag but I think I do right now


to do list for my wednesday thursday friday

I will not bite my nails

They will grow long and my fingers will look nice next to yours (or someones) and I can paint them if I desire (and they won’t look like they belong on a five year old)

My socks will be washed and clean every week and I won’t buy new underwear when I run out just because I’m too lazy- I’ll smell nice every day and my skin will be soft and smooth (and my clothes will be clean and pressed)

I will do my homework on time (before 10) and I’ll wake up without pressing the snooze button (not even once!!)

I will wear what I want and not worry if you think it’s too much or too little

I will not watch scary movies alone anymore (and if I do I will not think about them for too long)

I will be friendly to strangers when they ask me to smile and

I will not ask your friends how you are ever again

or expect you to do the same


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