Stillpoint Staff Series: Three Poems by Maxwell Rabb


the sight of snow from

my dog’s eyes

i understand

him for one moment

confused and cold during an

“imagined silence”

an uproar whispered to

me directly under

winter, i

hate the cold but love

my dog when he





the news says that the

honeybee is dying and no

one cried while plants

felt as their families

passed away-hearts don’t skip

a beat but the world will

pass with the bee


siren ring

at a moment’s

notice, ‘hello,

wake up,’ the

siren won’t turn

off before all

sound vanishes

the final noise in

the air makes

people wonder if

planes are near,

did we ever exist,

if we no longer do

i believe that the

devastating moment

will occur before

a noise is made but

does the bomb make

a sound if no one is

around to hear it

*”Canine” borrows a line from Joseph Massey’s “Parse”

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