Submissions for Stillpoint 2017 are CLOSED


Submissions are open to UGA undergraduates of all majors. They are 100% blind, meaning that each piece is considered without knowledge of its author. You will receive a confirmation email from the Submissions Editor when we have received your work.

All work must be submitted electronically to Please adhere to the following submissions guidelines:

You may submit up to 4 poems, 2 short stories (fiction or creative non-fiction), 2 plays, 2 screenplays, 6 pieces of visual art, and 2 pieces of music. While there are no length restrictions, please consider that space in each magazine is limited. For such pieces, we may request an excerpt if accepted. Submissions should be sent in the format below.


Writing submissions are due 2/16/2017. Art and music are due 2/26/2017.


Subject: Stillpoint Submission 2017

  • Your Name
  • Your Major(s), Your Year
  • Your Hometown
  • A short description of yourself (think the length of a Twitter tweet)

For poetry, fiction, and non-fiction submissions

  • Title of piece
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Attached as title-of-piece.doc or title-of-piece.docx (please submit your piece as a Microsoft word document. No .pdfs, please)
  • All submissions should be separate documents (i.e. if you’re submitting 3 poems, submit 3 separate word docs with titles)
  • Do not include your name in the title or anywhere in the documents themselves!

For art submissions

  • Title of piece
  • Medium of piece
  • (Art submissions must be sent as the original, uncompressed files, with a dpi of at least 300 to ensure high quality printing. If you are having issues obtaining a high quality image, please contact us!)
  • Attached as title-of-piece.tiff (.jpeg is also OK)

For music submissions

  • Title of piece
  • Attached as title-of-piece.mp3 or title-of-piece.wav

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